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Rocky Detwiler is the foremost expert on the positive power of words and author of the best-selling book, The Samson Effect: Transforming Lives with The Power of Words. Rocky is a professional speaker, executive coach, bodybuilder, trainer, and mindset mentor with 30 years experience in transformational living. His personal story from tree house to triumph has inspired millions around the globe.

As seen on A&E, ABC, ESPN, FOX, and NBC, Reality TV stars, Rocky & Cheryl Detwiler have successfully built a thriving speaking business. The couple was awarded $10,000 in an international speaking and media contest. They won the contest by increasing their speaking revenue over 500%, selling their books in bulk quantities, and appearing on major media outlets all in one calendar year.

The couple teaches authors and/or speakers the basics on how to get paid speaking engagements, create workshops, sell books in bulk, and learn the advanced skills of negotiating with customers. They created six-figure contracts with companies, made $20,000 on a 3-day workshop, and over $20k as a keynote speaker at a single event. They will share how they did all this and how you can do it too.

Rocky & Cheryl will share the value of strategically speaking for free. One of their free speaking engagements led to over $100,000. Rocky learned the value of beating the street as he went door to door to acquire business. One company signed a 3-month agreement totaling $10,000, after Rocky’s 9th visit. They will show you how to go from no business to getting paid to speak, train, lead workshops, or coach.

The couple will also show how networking skills lead to speaking, coaching, and book sales. Rocky met a businessman at a networking event, which resulted in a $2,000 per month coaching program. The businessman increased his annual revenue by over $200,000 as a result of the coaching he received. They will teach you how to use your skills, gifts and talents to obtain coaching clients and get paid. Rocky enlisted the help of a coach to become a bodybuilding champion in a matter of months. Rocky & Cheryl utilized coaching to launch their speaking business, going from nothing to over a million dollars in earnings within a couple of years. They share why coaching is essential for success in your personal and professional life. They teach you how to become a well-paid and sought after coach. The greatest coaches are those who receive great coaching.

Rocky & Cheryl have cracked the code on selling large quantities of books at events without selling from stage. They sold over 300 books at one event and they will show you how to do the same. The couple will show you how to NOT be a one-and-done speaker, but rather build relationships that lead to sales of multiple products and services.

Their goal is to show you how to get paid to speak, lead workshops and coach clients. Rocky & Cheryl love helping authors deliver their message to the world by selling more books. They teach the advanced skills of negotiating, follow-up, and networking.

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