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Ken Course has helped thousands achieve their personal and professional goals.  He is a renowned speaker and consultant, focused on helping you create results in all areas of your life.

Ken is a long time marketer, innovator, educator, and creative mind, which has made him a force behind creative projects world wide.  As the founder of Explore Momentum and creator of the Momentum Model, Ken has dedicated himself to transforming communities with a mix of passion and strategy.

In his 9 year tenure as a coach, instructor, and entrepreneur, Ken has worked with thousandss of small business owners to help them build better sales and marketing strategies in their companies. As a result, Ken has spoken on national and international stages from Sydney to London to help build stronger communities.
Ken has worked on a wide range of projects from brand new startups to New York Times Bestsellers, to multiple multi-million dollar program launches.

In addition to these areas, Ken is deeply passionate about community service and non-profit causes, having served in multiple roles at the South Lake Tahoe Family Resource Center. During his tenure, Ken was a key part of fundraising and grant development, helping to create sustainability and new access to key demographics in the South Lake Tahoe community for over five years.

He has also been featured “Person You Should Know” in the Reno Gazette Journal and has been nominated twice for the “20 Under 40 Young Professionals Award.” http://www.rgj.com/article/20131117/BIZ09/311170003/People-you-should-get-know-Ken-Course-owner-Course-Multimedia

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