Rocky Detwiler

Make Money Speaking Expert

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Rocky Detwiler is known as the foremost expert on the “Power of Words” and best-selling author of the book: “The Samson Effect: Transforming Lives with The Power of Words.”

Rocky is a professional speaker, expert networker, executive coach, bodybuilder, trainer, and mindset mentor with 30 years’ experience in transformational living. His personal story from living in a tree house to triumph has inspired millions around the globe to act on the power of their dreams.

Rocky Detwiler has successfully built a thriving speaking business, going from nothing to over seven figures in his first year. He received an award of $10,000 in an international speaking and media contest for increasing his speaking revenue over 500%, selling books in bulk quantities, and appearing on major media outlets. Appearances include: A&E, ABC, ESPN, FOX, NBC, print media including USA Today, and hundreds of radio and podcast interviews.

Rocky teaches authors and speakers the basics on how to get paid speaking engagements, network like a pro, market workshops, sell books in bulk, and learn the advanced skills of negotiating with customers. His proven system of lead generation, follow-up, and negotiation is a formula for success. Rocky’s personalized coaching will teach you how to capitalize on your book sales and speaking engagements.

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